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Childhood is the most pleasant time when you can wake up without a single worry in your mind. All you can think of is to grab a bowl of cereal and sit down in front of the TV tuning it to your favorite cartoon shows. The cartoon songs for kids are sure winners with every child belting out the lyrics with gay abandon. Surprisingly, the cartoons from the 80's and the 90's are still very popular today and you can hear the kids singing joyfully along with the songs blaring from the TV. Although every kid has a typical choice, yet most of them conform to the pattern of singing the cartoon songs which are really ahead in the countdown.

Personalized Cartoon Songs

Kids personalized music has been designed keeping the needs of the children in mind. The children love to hear the cartoon songs and they can hardly contain their excitement when they find their favorite cartoon characters addressing them by their personal names. With most of the cartoon songs in the personalized kids CDs having the names of the kids integrated in the lyrics a number of times, the kids feel excited that the cartoon characters are really their personal friends.

Choose Popular Songs

It is not very difficult to pick up cartoon songs for kids. There will be quite a few popular ones on the chart which your kids will really love. Who can forget the "friendly neighborhood Spiderman"? The theme of the song is totally in accordance to the escapades of the Spiderman in his screen performance. The lyrics are really rocking with the animated photography quite in tune with the song. The kids can hardly help prancing about in joy when they sing these songs. And when these songs are delivered in the kids personalized music concept, they take on a more meaningful existence.

Songs Promoting Goodness Prevailing over Evil

There are some cartoons which further the concept of a multicultural group of friends who act as crime busters. The theme of these cartoon songs are really unbelievable but are very impressionable from a kid's point of view. They love to view cartoons which vanquish evil and watch goodness triumph in the end. These songs also encourage the kids to try to do their bit as preservers of justice in mankind Personalized kids CDs take advantage of this character in kids to include songs which bring out the fervor to fight injustice in life.

Animal-Friendly Songs

Kids love cartoons with a lot of animals in it. They love to watch animals being friendly and coexisting in nature with a common goal of surviving and overcoming the evil forces within them. The cartoon songs for kids can include sounds produced by animals which make the songs really interesting. And when these animals interact with people alongside really green scenery, it makes for the cartoon songs to be really soulful. Children imbibe really happy feelings when they sing these songs. It helps them learn a lot about the animal kingdom and also about the friendship between men and animals through these songs.

Vocabulary Building Songs

There are many useful words and phrases that children can pick up from the cartoon songs. You need to pick such cartoon songs for kids which really fire up their vocabulary. There are a few words like "hither" and "yonder" which the kids will only learn through these songs. Make sure that the personalized kids CDs which have these cartoon songs are full of positive and valuable messages for the kids. But the most important aspect you should consider while picking these songs is how your kids are going to accept them. There can be nothing more pleasurable than seeing a smile spread over your kid's face when you gift him with a bouquet of his favorite songs.

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