How To Create Your Own Cartoon Character !

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It's quite difficult to create your own cartoon character. This may take a long time to do and need a very wide imagination. Cartoon characters can be made looking ridiculous and funny, depending on the creativity of the cartoonist. Here's a quick guide to create your own cartoon character.

The primary step you need to do is to picture your character. Given enough time, you must know how it's going to look like. Don't just replicate other original cartoon characters. Your character will be effective only if it has its uniqueness from other existing characters like Disney cartoon characters

Secondly, you have to draw the cartoon characters with distinctive personality. You have to decide whether you're gonna make it good, bad, timid, talkative, etc. It should only have one.

Next is to build its strong and weak points in its personality. You can see in each cartoon character they possess certain weaknesses and strengths. For example, a character is weak in water, but is strong when in land. It won't matter if the character possesses villain or hero qualities. No one's perfect even as cartoon characters. It's just similar to real characters in life. They're just not real and animated.

The moment you're finished making the steps above, the physical features for your cartoon character comes next. Decide if it's gonna be a boy or a girl. Is it gonna be young or an oldie? Your imagination is the limit in exaggerating its features since they're only cartoons. Nothing's impossible when you make your own cartoon character. But you need to make it interesting. Keep in mind the details of creating your character. They are only drawings, but it is necessary to provide your character with the details to create a clear image of what they should look like.

When you create your own cartoon character, it should never be stressful. You just have to be yourself and pull out what your imagination can create. You need to keep in mind that cartoons are meant to have their weaknesses so don't make them perfect. A perfect cartoon character may become boring without their weaknesses. With all these, you can now create your own cartoon character. Check out the free software that you can download to help you with the creation of cartoon characters.

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