The History Of Disney's Goofy !

Author: Michel Yvonne Maling

Goofy is one of those good-natured and funny Disney characters that is also not too bright, hence the name. He has over the years become a regular member of Mickey's Gang. He is one of those silly characters that everybody just loves.

His cartoon character made his first appearance as a member of the audience in 'Mickey's Revue' in 1932. He was seen making a nuisance of himself by crunching peanuts and laughing rather loudly. Two other spectators eventually knock him out with a mallet, and imitate his laugh as they do so. His raucous laugh that made him stand out from his fellow spectators, also made him famous. In this first vision of Goofy, he also looked different. He was an old man with a white beard, and no pants. He also sported a puffy tail. Goofy's voice was supplied by Disney story man, musician and clown Pinto Colvig, and Goofy and Pinto soon got featured in other cartoons.

Before long Goofy was a member of Mickey's gang, which included Minnie, Pluto, Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar. Goofy first went under the name Dippy Dawg. It was changed in 1938 to Dippy the Goof and then in 1939 he became Goofy when the cartoon 'Goofy and Wilbur' was released.'

Unlike Pluto who looked more like a dog, Goofy was made to look more like a human character and he could speak. Goofy made 48 of his own cartoons in the 1940's and 1950's, but he did many others alongside Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Goofy is also famous for his series of how to cartoons, where he bumbles through with lots of mishaps.

He appeared in cartoons in the 1950's as Mr. Geef. He had a wife and a son. In the 1990's 'The Goof Troop' reintroduced Goofy and son. This time his son looked different and was called Max. His wife unfortunately, was no longer on the scene. His wife is always seen from the back, and her face is never seen.

Goofy's favorite sayings are 'Gawsh!', A-hyuck!', 'Huh,' and 'Well, whaddya know...'

Art Babbitt is considered the creator of Goofy's character, while the drawings were done by Frank Webb. They describe Goofy as 'a composite of an everlasting optimist, a gullible good Samaritan, a halfwit and a shiftless, good-natured hick.'

In his more modern appearances, Goofy is a widower and single father. In the comic books, he also has a nephew, Gilbert. Gilbert's character has only ever appeared in comic books, but never in cartoon form.

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